The ego does not have a script. We like to think of its stories as a script because that idea seems to bring order to chaos. The ego’s stories are a chaotic hallucination built on the lie of separation. A script connotes an orderly story which progresses from A to B to C. The ego’s stories are a stew of hatred, mayhem and death covered by the face of innocence. The seeming script is nothing more than lipstick painted on a desolate landscape of Mad Max and the Zombie Apocalypse. It is a story we tell ourselves, a Truman Show, that covers up the fabric of the illusion, guilt, sin, hate and fear.

We traipse around in our childish stories of familial relations, good happenings, baseball games, birthdays, holidays, vacations, pretty scenery, seeming kindness and love which covers up a boiling cauldron of suffering, pain and agony caused by our severance from God. People “exist” with no remembrance of their Source in a dead and hollow game. But we smile at the babies and pet the puppies and marvel at the rainbows and sunsets. There is no redemption here. This world must be seen for what it is and denied. The entire ego abomination must be transcended and the real world embraced. The real world is the Holy Spirit’s script of salvation.

The world and its stories are not some benign game. They were made to make guilt real. We come to this world to torture and be tortured, to crucify and be crucified, to reject and be rejected. That is its purpose. It is what we think we deserve as the heinous perpetrators of the crime of having abandoned, attacked and murdered our Father. It is a Godless world because we made it so. It is a reflection of our own self-hatred and punishment. As long as we deny its nature, value it, participate in it, have opinions about it, have grievances about it, have reactions to it (good and bad), have goals in it, have feelings about it, try to make it work, and try to make it better, we are doomed to return time and time again. We have made it real by thinking about it as anything other than completely insignificant. We need to turn our backs on it. We need to concentrate on getting the hell out of here by insisting that this whole insane farce is not real and not participating in it except when explicitly directed to do so by the Holy Spirit for His purpose.

Can you imagine Neo going back into the matrix to pay his rent or to enjoy dinner at his favorite haunt? We have one goal, transcendence for ourselves and our brothers. We cannot transcend what we are making real, what we are valuing. We must learn to make the matrix and all the seeming happenings in it insignificant. We must change our minds about what is happening here. If we are willing to break out of our denial, when we are ready, the Holy Spirit will show us exactly what is happening here beneath the lipstick, beneath the childish and naive face of innocence. Are you ready to be extracted from the pod? If you are not willing to question everything you think you have learned up to this point, you are not ready. A humbled mind is imperative to embark on the next leg of the journey to freedom. Transcendence requires rising above something or leaving something behind. Not transforming it.