15. Ask and Awaken

How do I know that when I ask for guidance it is the Holy Spirit responding?

Here is what you do know.  If you do not ask, the ego will be your guide because after the 3rd division you forgot that you had a choice of listening to another voice. You believe the ego is your only option.

By asking the Holy Spirit, at the least you are accepting the idea that you have a choice other than choosing with the ego.  At most, you are listening to and hearing our one true Voice and choosing with Him.

By asking the question, the ego is trying to enroll you in doubt.  Not doubting the ego, of course, but doubting that you can hear the Holy Spirit.   Have faith and boldly ask the Holy Spirit what to do, say and think.  Know that if you don’t, the ego’s fondest desire, by default, you will do, say and think as instructed by the ego.  Then, just as boldly, have faith that if you ask the Holy Spirit, He will answer.

The ego offers you a driven life, driven by guilt and fear.  The Holy Spirit offers you a directed life, directed by sinlessness and love.  You will ask for guidance.  Who you ask determines whether the decision will be used to help you to get home to God or to keep you sleeping.  Your enlightenment really depends on who you choose as your guide and you cannot choose the Holy spirit without asking.  SO DON’T BE FOOLED BY THE EGO.  ASK AND AWAKEN.

Remember the ego is making up all the scripts in which you participate.  The ego made up all the stories with the purpose of making the illusion seem real and to drown out the Voice of the Holy Spirit.  You can hardly go to the ego and ask it, against its own interests, to support you in using the stories to get home to God.  Only the Holy Spirit can support you with that change in purpose.