THE BIBLE AND THE COURSE – Crossover Concepts


Most Course concepts can be found reflected in the Bible. Since the Holy Spirit teaches by comparison, if directed, studying both teaching tools can be helpful as we journey home. 1. PROVISION IS OF GOD

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Perfected Forgiveness


We are not really here. We are asleep and dreaming we are here. To the extent to which we are aware of this fact is the extent to which forgiveness has been perfected in

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There is No Cause and Effect in Matter


There is no cause and effect in matter. The belief that there is, is the belief in magic. “The whole distortion that made magic rests on the belief that there is a creative ability in

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“Everyone makes an ego or a self for himself, which is subject to enormous variation because of its instability.” (T-4.II.2:1) “The building of a concept of the self is what the learning of the world


Through the Looking Glass


Our job as teachers of God is... “Awareness of dreaming is the real function of God’s teachers.” (M-12.6:6) A way of thinking that might be helpful in developing and maintaining that awareness is the “Alice

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We Are All Sinners


“And you are asked to let yourself be free of all the dreams of what you never were, and seek no more to substitute the strength of idle wishes for the Will of God.” (T-30.IV.7:5)

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Ask the Holy Spirit Everything


“I hear the Voice that God has given me, and it is only this my mind obeys.” (W-199.8:9) Our problem is that we have placed our mind, will and spirit at the disposal of a

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To Hear the Holy Spirit We Must Die to Self


“The self you made is not the Son of God.” (W-93.5:1) All of us who appear to be here came for one reason, to pretend we are self-reliant. The prerequisites for us having the delusion

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No, You are Not Going to Heaven When You “Die”


“The ego teaches thus: Death is the end as far as hope of Heaven goes.” (T-15.I.4:13-14) Here on earth it seems as if you are born, grow old and die. That is not really happening.

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Beyond Words is Experience


Can we move up levels of awareness and then think we “know” something? Does the following sound familiar? Having declared ourselves servants of the Spirit, we were attacked ferociously by the ego and all of

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