3. Cause and Effect

Perhaps the most overlooked error of all religions and philosophies, including the New Age models, is the failure to understand that although doing things like thinking positively, being “in the now,” saying prayers, affirmations, denying negative thoughts, and listening to famous speakers may have a temporarily helpful impact, they cannot release that which is locked in the deep canyons of your unconscious mind. Your unconscious mind, which you are completely oblivious to or else it wouldn’t be unconscious, is under the domination of a sick thought system that is shared on both a collective and individual level by everyone who comes to the false universe — or else they wouldn’t have come here in the first place. This will remain the case until your thoughts are examined, correctly forgiven, released to the Holy Spirit, and replaced by His thinking instead. Until then your hidden beliefs will continue to dominate and assert themselves in a predetermined way. The world is merely acting out a symbolic scenario that each one here agreed to participate in before they ever appeared to arrive.

GARY: You don’t have to convince me the world sucks sometimes. But what about the good stuff? We all have our favorite times.

ARTEN: Your good times in this world are good only in comparison to the bad times. The comparison isn’t a valid one, because both the seemingly good times and the bad times are not Heaven. You will eventually learn that it’s all a trick, that your perception — something you value very highly — is simply lying to you. You wouldn’t listen to your unconscious thought system if it didn’t hide itself and lie to you, because it’s so seemingly despicable, and listening to it is so painful , that you’d run away from it if you could really examine it. J can help you examine it. He can show you a way to make your unconscious mind conscious to a degree that Freud could not have imagined. That will be the purpose of some of our later discussions, but we have other things to talk about first. (DU16)

Everything here is a projection of our unconscious mind which is dominated by a sick thought system based on the belief in guilt. This unconscious sick mind is the cause of what we perceive. This is where the mistakes are made, in the unconscious. This is where the correction needs to happen, in the unconscious mind.

But how in the world can we correct something that is unconscious, that we have no knowledge of? We would be flying blind except for two things. We can see exactly what’s in our unconscious by looking for its reflection in the world and forgiving the external image. For example, if you feel hatred for someone, you can realize that that hatred is a reflection of your own self-hatred in the unconscious mind. Your brother has done nothing to you. You can then forgive him for what he hasn’t done, thereby forgiving yourself. The second thing we can do to correct the unconscious thought system is to be guided through the darkness by the Holy Spirit. We cannot “know” what is in our unconscious mind but the Holy Spirit does. He will be the light and guide us, if we will trust him.

So if we want to get home to God we have to address the problem, a sick thought system, being used by our sick unconscious mind. We can bring our guilt riddled unconscious thoughts and beliefs to the light and let them go if we stop projecting (making it about the external) and listen to the Holy Spirit.

We can free our self, our imprisoned will, by recognizing error and then:

  • Examining our thoughts
  • Correctly forgiving our thoughts
  • Releasing our thoughts to the Holy Spirit
  • Replacing our thoughts with His thinking

If we want to get home, this is our work. It doesn’t really matter what we are doing in the illusion. We can apply this methodology to anything. We can stop worrying about what we should or should not be doing and just concentrate on using whatever we are doing for the purpose of salvation.

In this work our biggest challenges are projection and self-effort. If we think the problem is in the external, someone or something, we will waste our time trying to change someone or something through self-effort. This does nothing but make the illusion seem real. Remember the problem is not out there. It is in our unconscious mind, in our thinking.