Does God Know Us?

We are the Son of God. The only difference between us and Him is that He created us. As the Son of God, we are co-creators with Him. He is the Prime Creator, because He created His co-creators. (T-7.I.7:6)

We as the Son of God are not an illusion. God knows us. He does not know of us as the separated mind or as the body, the personality self that we are dreaming we are. We have an investment in illusions or we wouldn’t be dreaming we are here. There are many reasons for this that are part of the ego thought system. But it boils down to denying the truth and God and choosing to believe and value illusions.

The Holy Spirit has a plan to have us remember God, stop denying Him, and to give up our miscreations or illusions. It basically looks like doing what Jesus did. What did He do? He turned over everything he had made, his world, his body and his personality self to be undone that he might be a tool of the Holy Spirit. He emptied his mind of all ego/separation thoughts and learned to think only with the Holy Spirit. He let the Holy Spirit speak through him. He let his body be used only as a communication tool. In order to get home to God, that is our path too. Only the Holy Spirit knows the way.

God Doesn’t Know We Are Here?

We are asleep in the arms of God, dreaming that we are the separated mind and that we are the separated self that lives on a planet called earth. If you were a parent, would you know what your child was dreaming at night? Could you enter their dream? God is our parent. He does not know what we are dreaming. He cannot enter our dream.

Not Letting the Ego Use Feelings of Unworthiness

You are the Son of God. You do not feel unworthy. Your personality self feels unworthy (stems from your childhood where your ego was made) and your wrong minded self feels unworthy. (stems from the separation) Guilt means unworthy of love and deserving of punishment. No matter what your physical eyes tell you, put your faith (your wanting, your desire) and your belief in the fact that you are the Son of God. If you are the Son of God you are beyond worthy. You are perfection. Now Holy Spirit, how do you want me to use this other stuff that seems to be showing up to get me home to God? How do you want me to use my childhood unworthiness (guilt) which is just a reflection of the unworthiness (unconscious guilt) in my mind. I am definitely not going to let the ego use it to make me think the illusion is real. Then the Holy Spirit will give you something to do, say or think that will support with the removal of that guilt. He will give you a correction assignment.