34. Freeing Ourselves

The child image of ourselves, the ego, has two choices when dealing with the pain of separation, anesthetize or ignore. Believing that these are the only options, the child is trapped in a double bind. Each choice has negative consequences and does not permanently alleviate the pain. This unwinnable game is the reason for the world’s insanity.

Whenever you experience anything other that the Peace of God, your child image is struggling with pain. If you have not developed an observer, a parent voice or a Jesus self, with no other option,  the child image will play the anesthetize/ignore game. The ego is convinced that these two options will work. Why? Because they do momentarily seem to dull the pain. This keeps us playing the game.

What the child image cannot see is that anesthetize or ignore are false choices. Why? Because the premise of the choices is that we are child images, living in a nightmare, and the pain we seem to feel is real and beyond our control. If this were true, maybe anesthetize or ignore would be our only choices. But we are not child images, we are not living in a nightmare and the pain we feel is not real and is not beyond our control.

The truth is that we are the Son of God at home with God and we have made this all up. But simply acknowledging this truth will not set us free from the delusional torturous prison we have made for ourselves. We have put ourselves in this prison of our own free will. We have become “addicted” to a thought system that keeps the prison bars seemingly indestructible and “escape” impossible.

We are in a prison of our own making. We don’t remember who we are. We think we are child images of ourselves. We play the anesthetize/ignore game all day long everyday. That is all we do. When we are ready, we will choose to play another game: the dry out, wake up and remember game. The players of the first game win more of the same. Those playing the second game go home to God.