Our problem is not the separation but our belief that it is real. We “made it real” by our believing it.

And everyone believes in what he made, for it was made by his believing it. (M-11.3:3-4)

And so the way out, the way to remember the truth of what we are, the way to freedom is to learn not to make the delusion real. That is forgiveness.

How do we do that?

We develop a relationship with the Holy Spirit. We cannot undo our “making it real” alone. Whether we know it or not, we reflexively, through much training, listen to and take direction almost exclusively from the ego. We must develop the ability to listen to another voice. This is the Voice of the Holy Spirit that will guide us home. Without this voice we would be forever lost.

There are three areas we need to learn are not real, three areas we believe are real and that we value.

1. The world and its stories

2. The individual personality self

3. The body

The Holy Spirit will guide each of us through our respective programs where He will persuade us to give up our miscreations, our belief in their reality, through sense, understanding and reason. We will learn to withdraw our faith and belief in and our valuing of the unreal and invest them in the real.

Through a study of the Course we will affirm the truth, loosening and eventual releasing us from the bondage of delusion.

Jesus is our model. He learned to eventually hear ONLY the Voice for God, the Holy Spirit. During his earthly stay, he got out of the way so the Holy Spirit could teach through him. He withdrew his faith, belief and valuing from the world and its stories, the individual personality self and the body. Even in the most tempting to make it real situation possible, he was able to not make it real. He did not believe any of it. It had all become insignificant. As a result, he was freed from the cycle of “birth and death” and remembered what he was in truth. Such was his journey and such is ours. We must learn not to make it real. When we have mastered that we too will be free.