13. It Is Done

Jesus was the first one in the dream to complete his part perfectly. He was tempted to make the illusion real but even unto death he chose the Holy Spirit’s interpretation instead of the ego’s. He accepted God’s Love for all of us, for our one mind. To accept means to learn. So he learned who he really was and no matter what happened he did not recant. He took what he called the last useless journey to the cross. What does that mean? It means that every day, all day, we are crucifying ourselves with the purpose of making the nothingness of our bodies, the world and the illusion real. To crucify ourselves means we have condemned ourselves, judged ourselves guilty, and implemented a punishment of tortured death. Crucifixion is “useless” because we are using it to make nothing real or using it for nothing. Now that Jesus has “broken through” and accepted God’s Love, which we were rejecting by participating in wrong-minded thinking whose sole purpose was to make us think we were other than God, crucifixion can be used to aid us to get home to God. We can give our daily crucifixion a new purpose. Instead of keeping us asleep, it can begin to help us to awaken.

Interestingly, grace means the acceptance of the Love of God. We are saved by grace means that we have been saved by Jesus’ acceptance of the Love of God for us all. He remembered who we were, the One Son of God. It has already happened. So why are we still seemingly here in the dream? Because each one of us must of our own will give up what we made. We made and accepted (learned) a thought system which made us seem separate and special. We must each voluntarily give up what we made and learn a new thought system. No one is going to wrench it from our mind for us. And no one is going to force us to learn a new way to think. Jesus is our model. He showed us it was possible and how to do it. Jesus gave up the old way of thinking and learned to think with the Holy Spirit. Thank you, Jesus, and thanks to all of our brothers who are willing to allow all of their wrong-minded thoughts to be corrected. We are also grateful for our brothers who exist in the dark, asleep, waiting for the moment of quickening. We will be there to help light your way. You are not alone.