24. Everything is a Lesson God Would Have Me Learn

STOP TRYING TO CHANGE THE STORY. If something is still in the story it is because you have more to learn from it. Concentrate on your mind training, how the Holy Spirit wants to use the story for your learning and salvation. Stop focusing on the specifics of the story, the form. Do not ask, “How can I change this thing, that I do not like, that I made up? Please help me to make this thing, that I have used to hide from God, different! Can you help me make this thing that I have woven from terror into my special loving thing?” Always be asking, “Holy Spirit how can I use this for mind training? How can I use this to get that this illusion is not real? How can I use this to remember what I am in truth?”

Once you have learned what you need to learn from that story, the next opportunity will show up for the next lesson. The next lesson could even be in the next “lifetime.” “Good” or “bad” the lesson is always some form of NOT “making it real.” Remember the illusion would never have seemed to come into existence if we had not accepted it as real. Our job is to learn to not accept it as real. When we have mastered that, as Jesus did, we too will be masters.

We are in a classroom. We are here to learn. We are not here to be “happy” or have these fictional lives be what “we” want them to be. If we are being taught by the Holy Spirit, we are learning that the illusion is not real. We are practicing exchanging our making it real thoughts, grievances, for forgiveness thoughts. If we are being taught by the ego, we are learning to make it real. Learn from the ego and we will have what we have always had. Learn from the Holy Spirit and we are on our way home. The choice of when, what and from whom to learn is ours.

We are students. We have lessons to learn. We are also teachers. We teach, or demonstrate, what we learn.

Everyone will eventually take this course means that everyone, every fragment of the whole, will eventually learn that this illusion, seemingly birthed when the time of terror took the place of love, is not real. In order to accomplish that, all the repressed terror must be brought to the light and shown to be what it is, NOTHING. We must learn to stop denying the terror and look upon it with the Holy Spirit. The world with all of its toys and trinkets is being used, by most, to avoid that inevitability. Much like repressed childhood memories and emotions, this repressed terror rules our thinking, our perceptions, and therefore our choices. When we are ready, our journey will take us through the terror, to the freedom beyond, home to God.