Jesus’ Body Was A Radio

What did Jesus’ body really do? It received transmissions from God and then broadcast them. Jesus said he did nothing of himself. God in, God out. No interference. Is it really as mundane as that? Jesus’ body was a radio. A receiver and a transmitter?

So, if I want to be like Jesus, I must learn how to think of my body as a radio? Let’s see. A radio is a tool of communication, a neutral thing. It has no opinions or judgments about what it is receiving or transmitting. It does not do things that do not entail either receiving or transmitting. It has no desires or wants. It is what it is. It is neutral. Its only perceived animation comes from the content of its communication. If the transmission is of love, it is a tool of love. If the transmission is of fear, it is a tool of fear.

Hey, wait a minute, I don’t want to be a lifeless receiver and transmitter. I want to be me, a living breathing person with a mind of my own that has choices, makes decisions and lives a life of my own making.

If you want to delude yourself and live in a fantasy land, you can continue to choose to believe that there is such a choice. But it is a false choice. That choice does not exist in reality. It only exists in illusion. There are only two choices to make in truth. Your body is a radio. Nothing you can say or do can alter that fact. Now here are your two real choices. Are you going to pretend that your radio is a living breathing autonomous entity with decision making capacities and broadcast the propaganda of the ego or are you going to acknowledge that you are not a body, and that your radio, that you made, is going to broadcast the freedom message of the Holy Spirit?

The world has not yet experienced any comprehensive reawakening or rebirth.

 Of course not. How many radios are broadcasting for the ego and how many for the Holy Spirit?

All are called but few choose to listen.

The Holy Spirit just can’t compete. What does He have to offer? A very difficult training course, hard work, perseverance and eventually, who knows when, eternal peace, love, joy and brotherhood. Oh, and the love of God, of course. Now the ego has so much more to offer. The illusory  possibility of money, sex, material possessions, winning, being special, food, war, drugs, death, destruction…Well, you name it and the possibility of it is yours.

Who do you want your body to be a radio for?

So you say you want your body to be a radio for God? All bodies used to be radios for God. We taught ourselves how not to have them be. Miracles, God transmissions, are natural. But we turned everything upside down and inside out. We endlessly, tirelessly drilled and learned and drilled and learned. Do you know how much effort it took to convince ourselves that we were no longer thoughts of God, transmissions of God, but that we had transformed ourselves into living, breathing, reasoning, decision-making autonomous creatures who were now the radios we had made?

Not only are we no longer transmissions from God, we are now, supposedly, these communication tools that have an extensive “life” of their own. There are male and female radios and everything that goes along with that, there are leader radios and there are follower radios, there are pretty radios and ugly radios, there are rich radios and poor radios, there are smart radios and not so smart radios, there are all different colors of radios, there are clothes for radios and cars for radios and pets for radios, there are wars between radios, radios can be depressed, radios can get sick and die and well, the radio stories are endless. And so real. Now that took a great deal of hard work. And to maintain the illusion…Well, you can only imagine how much energy that takes.

Jesus’ radio was “killed”. But it is a good thing he was not a radio. He, the transmission, is alive and well. You, the transmission, the thought of God, the miracle, are alive and well. Your radio, your body, transmitting for the ego is…Well, it is whatever delusion you are presently participating in. How is that delusion by the way? Is your radio having a great time? Are you enjoying the make-believe? Or are you ready to grow up and get back to God?

If you are ready, the good news is that there is a radio for God training course now available from the Holy Spirit near you. Spread the word. Tell everyone with ears to hear. Let’s get to work. And when we have completed our course and have learned or unlearned what is necessary, our bodies will once again be radios for God, receiving and transmitting love and joy and peace to all the world.

Yet is the body prisoner, and not the mind. The body thinks no thoughts. It has no power to learn, to pardon, nor enslave. It gives no orders that the mind need serve, nor sets conditions that it must obey. It holds in prison but the willing mind that would abide in it. It sickens at the bidding of the mind that would become its prisoner. And it grows old and dies, because that mind is sick within itself. Learning is all that causes change. And so the body, where no learning can occur, could never change unless the mind preferred the body change in its appearances, to suit the purpose given by the mind. For mind can learn, and there is all change made.(T31.III.4)