27.Learning to Speak and Think God

 We speak ego.  We think in ego and we speak in ego.  But ego is not our native tongue.  God is our native tongue.  As children we left our Father’s house and traveled to a far country where we learned a new language.  In the process we forgot how to speak and think in our native tongue.  We learned our adoptive language so well that most of us even forgot we ever knew another language.  It’s almost as if we dissociated our Father’s tongue.  It’s almost as if it were not possible to retain both languages.  It’s almost as if we traded one for the other.  We traded God speak and think for ego speak and think .  Not only that, but it’s almost as if in addition to dissociating God speak and think, we became terrified of its very existence.

None of this is a problem if you are still asleep in ego dreamland.  That sleeping you, who wants to keep thinking the illusion is real, has no need of God speak or think which threatens its “reality”.  But if the awakening you realizes that you want to get home to God, knowing God speak and think  is essential.  Getting home to God requires our learning to speak and think God.  Having dissociated our Father tongue, it would be forever lost to us if not for two things;  the spark of remembrance, the Holy Spirit, God placed in our mind and a textbook written, in God, called A Course in Miracles. This book, written in our native tongue, found its way to us via the most proficient God speaker among us, Jesus.  Jesus said that his last lesson was to learn to think only with the Holy Spirit.  He became so fluent in God speak that he now thought again in God.

We can study God speak and think in A Course in Miracles.  Then we can practice God speak and think with our fellow students and even with potential fellow students.  There is no better way to practice God speak and think  than by explaining the basics to newcomers.  Even if you are with brothers who know nothing about the Course, sharing some God speak and think , at the Holy Spirit’s direction, is beneficial.  Knowing that everyone really wants to get home to God, whether they are asleep or awakening, what could be more helpful to you both than a discussion about what has supported you on your journey to peace, God and truth.  While listening to someone else’s ego speaking and thinking, you can hear the reflection of your own ego speaking and thinking.  This can help you bring your ego thinking to the light. As you support them in potentially exchanging their ego speak and think for God’s, you are challenging yourself to exchange yours.

Oh yeah, remember when we said it’s as if we had to give up one language for another?  Well,  it’s true.  We can’t retain both languages.  We can’t just learn God speak and think.  We have to exchange it for ego speak and think.  It’s one or the other.  That’s how we got here; speaking and thinking only ego.  And that’s how we get home; speaking and thinking only God.

In addition to studying the Course and speaking with fellow students and non-Course students, you can add one more thing to your list of aids to help you learn God speak and think.  Just as you would if you were learning a foreign language, you might find someone more fluent in the language than you are to tutor you.  This person could listen to you speak and suggest corrections to your thinking.  For this to be effective, be sure you find a speaker who understands the no compromise pure non-dualism Jesus and the Course teach.  God is.  Nothing else exists.  The separation never happened.  Our only reason for engaging in the illusion is as an aid to help us reach the home where God abides.  Engaging a tutor can support you in accelerating your learning.

Learning, or more accurately remembering, God speak and think will have us find our way home.  So get studying and practicing.  The Holy Spirit needs students and teachers.  Our homecoming depends on it.