21.Love Holds No Grievances

 Grievance:  Problem,  Resentment,  Judgment,  Condemnation,  Preference,  Valuing,  Belief in Lack

In Short:

When you have a grievance  are making a judgment of preference about the story.  You are saying, “I prefer this nothing over that nothing.”  This Results in making the story and therefore the separation real because the story is just a symbol of the separation.

Every “problem” you have in the illusion is the same problem, the belief in the separation.

You might be sick this lifetime, next time you will be poor etc. sprinkled in with just  enough potential “good” story to keep you playing the game.  Like gambling at the casino, there is just enough winning or the potential to win to keep you playing.

So what do I do about sickness or any other “negative” story?  Think about sickness this way:

 I don’t care what is happening in the story.  I will use it as an aid to help me reach the home where God abidesI will acknowledge that I, the mind, made sickness which is a reflection, a symbol of the unconscious guilt in my mind.  It is not real and the mind that made it is using it to make the body, the world, the illusion seem real and to drown out the Voice of the Holy Spirit.  The real problem is that my mind is using a sick thought system.  I want to think with the Holy Spirit but I am addicted to this sick thought system.  I forgive all these thoughts of sickness.  I forgive the mind, myself, for thinking them.  Holy Spirit, I give you all my thoughts about the body, sickness and even death.  Please support me by correcting all my mistaken thoughts.  I want to see clearly.  I want to see myself and my brothers holy.  I want to see the real world.  I want to see the face of Christ.  I want to be home with God.

 Now, why is this not holding grievances?  Because a grievance infers that the problem is outside of yourself, that you are a victim of circumstances or other people.  It is beyond your control.  In these statements you acknowledge that you, the mind, are the cause.  You don’t like the results and you don’t know how to change the results.  You need guidance.  Are you a victim?  NO. You have just taught yourself to think in a strange way that has you not remembering who you are.  You have made up this horrible thought system that has suffering appear to be a reality.  So in your surrender, the possibility of escaping the prison you have made comes alive.

A grievance says, “The problem is outside myself.  I don’t like it.  I guess I better try to change what is outside myself.”  You will never find the answer outside of yourself but you will make the ego extremely happy if you keep looking there for answers.

Now as you are working on the cause of all your “problems”, the unconscious guilt in your mind caused by the acceptance of the belief in separation, turn your body over to the Holy Spirit or Jesus.  He will tell you exactly what to do.  Take medication, don’t take medication.  Go to the doctor, don’t go to the doctor.  Read this book.  Eat this thing.  Remember, you are like a heroin addict and your heroin is a sick thought system.  The Holy Spirit knows exactly how to manage your withdrawal.  You might need some methadone to ease your withdrawal symptoms.  Taking medication or seeing a doctor or other healer might be needed to ease the fear of withdrawal as you transition to the Holy Spirit’s thought system.  Let the Holy Spirit or Jesus guide you to sobriety and healing.  They know the way.  You have God’s word on it.