25.Making it Real

 In the millisecond where we imagined it was possible to be separate from God the false universe was made and all of its seemingly infinite stories were played out.  The whole thing was made and unmade in an instant.  It was unmade by remembering it never happened.  Now we, the seemingly separate mind, belligerently sit in the movie theater, watching the reruns of something that never happened and imagining that we are actually the actors on the screen.  We have become very adept at imagining that we are actually having the experience of being in the holographic movie we jokingly refer to as “life”.

Everything seems very real.  That is the power of the mind.  The mind wishing and believing has made it seem so.  We have lost our minds.  We have talked ourselves into believing that we are these images on the screen and we have collected piles of evidence to prove our case.  It would be difficult to find any character on the screen who would not vehemently defend the “reality” of the physical universe and his individual, separate, special identity.  We would be doomed to the hell of endlessly viewing and pretending to participate in the separation drama if it weren’t for God, our Father, who placed within our mind the spark of the Holy Spirit as a remedy for what never happened.  This spark is our beacon, our light in the dark, guiding us home.  The problem is that we accepted the idea of the separation and made it real.  To solve the problem we must chose to deny the separation and accept the answer.

The Holy Spirit is not going to drag you out of the movie theater or dissuade you from believing that you are a character in the movie.  Our acceptance of Him, His strength, His guidance and His thought system is necessary in order to find our way home.  This is accomplished through a process of forgiveness and correction which takes determination and fortitude but which is completely doable with the support and guidance of the Holy Spirit.  We can and will remember who we are; the supernatural sinless Son of God Himself in whom He is well pleased.

But we must take the first step.  We must choose to, or at least be open to, leaving the movie theater.  And we must be willing to be determined to leave every time we find our selves back in the movie theater, making it real.  We were determined to have the experience of being special and separate and we have to be just as determined to remember who we really are.  This single-mindedness, together with the Holy Spirit, is our ticket (and no its not a movie ticket) home to God.

All suffering, all disease, all loss of peace, all psychological and physical pain is caused by making the illusion real.  The way out of suffering is learning how not to make it real.  This is achieved by engaging in the challenging practice of true forgiveness and correction.  There is one problem – making the separation and all of its symbols on the level of form real.  There is one solution – the Atonement – or getting that it never happened by practicing true forgiveness and correction.  Very simply put your choices in “life” are MAKE IT REAL and keep reincarnating or GET THAT IT NEVER HAPPENED and go home to God.