Equality does not imply equality now. When everyone recognizes that he has everything, individual contributions to the Sonship will no longer be necessary. (T-1.V.2:5-6)

The Holy Spirit teaches in specifics until they can be generalized.

Henceforth, hear but the Voice for God and for your Self when you retire from the world, to seek reality instead. (W-ep.3:2)

This is the place to which everyone must come when he is ready. Once he has found his brother he is ready. Yet merely to reach the place is not enough. A journey without a purpose is still meaningless, and even when it is over it seems to make no sense. How can you know that it is over unless you realize its purpose is accomplished? Here, with the journey’s end before you, you see its purpose. And it is here you choose whether to look upon it or wander on, only to return and make the choice again. (T-19.IV-D.10:2-8)

Jesus is saying some will choose to look upon it and some will choose to wander on. The Holy Spirit teaches by comparisons. The Sonship as a whole is a God level concept, at the top of the ladder. It is helpful to know the end result, but we must address our lower level “specific” beliefs. We cannot skip rungs. Jesus completed his mission first.

This is only because I completed my part in it as a man, and can now complete it through others. (T-4.VI.6:6-7)

He can complete the Atonement through others but only if they do not interfere. Our job is to empty our vessels so that he might. Just a few thoughts this morning as we all practice and learn spiritual vision – the Holy Spirit’s sense, understanding and reason. Learning to let the Holy Spirit persuade through us! Quite a learning opportunity. We must not be timid to challenge and be challenged. If the persuasion isn’t working, we can explore the holes in our reasoning. Sometimes people commenting are just reactive to what is being said i.e. Jesus, but sometimes they have a point. Sometimes both sides are reactive. It doesn’t mean the exchange cannot still be fruitful. After all we are all on the journey home together. The Holy Spirit’s goal is salvation. The means is vision. Vision has nothing to do with physical sight. It has to do with the mental processes of sense, understanding and reason. We must all keep practicing.

It is obvious, then, that inducing the mind to give up its miscreations is the only application of creative ability that is truly meaningful. (T-2.V.1:11)

Salvation depends on it!