Morning Prayer of Remembrance

We are at home in the arms of God. We are asleep dreaming that we are not. Our acceptance of the dream as real has us believing that it is. In reality, there is no past and no future. There is nothing happening but a projection of the one mind.

In our commitment to remembering that this is a projection, is not real, is not us, we declare this to be the only day there is. Nothing happened before this day and nothing will happen after this day.

Our job is forgiveness through mind training. Our job is not to achieve anything in the illusion. Our job is not to save ourselves from some illusory threat. The story is what the story is. Nothing. Our job is not to change the story. Our job is to use the story to identify the blocks to love’s presence so that we might offer them to the Holy Spirit for correction. It is these blocks, that we have made and accepted as real, that keep us from remembering our Self, that keep us suffering. We have done this thing and it is this we would undo.

We acknowledge that in this moment we are exactly where we need to be with exactly the right tools to do what we need to do. So Holy Spirit give us our orders for today. Tell us exactly what to do, what to say, and what to think. Tell us who, what, where and when and we will do it. We will do it and it will be used by the collective to remember who we are in truth that we might get home to God.

In our acceptance of you as guide, Holy Spirit, we disavow the ego’s voice and embrace yours. By following your guidance we declare the separation, the illusion, the ego and the selves we have made to be unreal. We do not accept them as real and in doing so, we are saved.

Holy Spirit, we are your humble servants and in our surrender we embrace our Father and our total dependence on Him. We did not make ourselves nor are we martyrs to His unjust punishment. He did not abandon us nor is He laying in wait to retaliate against us. He is our beloved Father who loves us beyond measure now and forever. Created by Him and like Him, we are the supernatural sinless Son of God eternally. Nothing has changed that, nothing could change that and nothing ever will.