Our Problem

We have a problem. This is our story. There are not a multitude of individual stories. There is one story, our story, our problem. What is our problem? We are asleep and think we are awake. We have made a dream world we have come to believe is real. We have traded Heaven for hell. We are swimming around in a delusional boiling cauldron of death, destruction and decay and thinking that we are in a relaxing warm bath. The stories all look different but they are all the same. They are all one story and we cannot selectively choose which elements of the story to retain and which to discard. One story, one problem, our problem.

We are literally thinking the world into “existence.” One mind, not a multitude of separate minds. One mind, one illusion. One mind in which illusions still persist. It does not matter what the illusions are. There is no difference between illusions. We must focus on the system that makes all illusions possible. The system of our delusional thinking needs to be undone. The thinking that has us believing we are separate, the thinking that has us believing the illusion is real, the thinking that has us believing we are in charge, the thinking that has us believing God is dead are all part of the system that perpetuates the illusion.

We are thinking this. There is no you. There is no me. There is only we. We are deluded. We are all prisoners of delusional thinking. We do not need to stop the content of the delusions, “good” or “evil”, we need to stop our participation in the whole process of delusional thinking.