As we move up the ladder of awareness, unplugging from ego thinking and embracing the idea of truth, we can reach certain rungs where the body no longer can be used by the ego as a weapon against the truth. We can get to a place where we are free and no longer have to participate in the ego’s game of sickness. This takes great learning. All the beliefs that underpin the idea of sickness must be confronted and corrected. Until we get to that point, we must participate in sickness. But those of us that have sickness in our lessons can still use it to move us all closer to that liberation.

The Jesus story was a culmination of our collective work. Many previous seekers put in much mind training to have that show up. We healed the mind to the point where a part of the mind, in which illusions still persisted, Jesus, could transcend the ego, the thought of separation. Now, as long as we seem to be here, each of us has our part to play in the continuing plan of salvation, the Great Awakening.

In our “personal” process, if we are sick or in pain we can do what we do as directed by the Holy Spirit, but we can also be aware that sickness is a deception of the great deceiver. We can stand in faith, for the collective, that the forgiven body is there but we just cannot see it. Even in our seeming sickness, we can remember that, at the level of the ego mind, we made this up and that if we allow our minds to be healed, we do not have to participate in it. Maybe the Jesus who demonstrates the transcendence of sickness will show up soon. Who knows…Could be…Could be you… But we do know that a body showing up as permanently unaffected by sickness will be a result of team effort and will definitely benefit us all as mind, as we journey home to God.

Not one of us on this team is going anywhere. We are all in different stages of awakening. Each with our own assignment. Some of us will leave the body only to return again. Some of us will make it out. But we are all in this together. Closer than brothers because each of us is our Self. Not the made-up self-concept, but the mind in which illusions still exist. That is the part that is our Self.

So we work together, despite the conflicts or people pleasing or emotional upsets or fixing incidents that our shabby made-up selves participate in. Those self-concepts, those personality selves are just temptations to make real. Let us all allow the Holy Spirit to use all such interactions between little selves, seemingly pleasant or unpleasant, to teach us of of their unreality. They are the foundation of our belief in self-reliance and specialness. Let us work together to identify their nothingness and to remember our identity in Christ.