38. Pants-ing the Ego

 Behind the masks of the pseudo adult, the inner children, and the characters lies the puppet master, the puller of your strings.  This Mao, this Hitler, this Mussolini is a tyrannical addict who wants his drugs.  He wants you to think the sick thoughts that make him seem real and he will do anything to ensure his supply.  Just like the ego who spawned him, he is a narcissistic psychopath interested in only one thing, his self-perpetuation at all costs.  He is ruthless and will stop at nothing to get what he wants.

Everything is an act.  He is a liar, a cheater, a thief and a manipulator and totally without empathy.  He is a cruel and vicious jailer of the mind.  Totally insane, cold and hardened, he would kill without flinching.  He is single-minded in his purpose, dedicated and relentless.  He is an expert at maintaining control of your thought system.  He weaves story upon story tempting you to make it real and daring you not to.  He rules by fear and intimidation having you doubt everything including your Self, God and even your sanity.  You are so controlled, you actually think you are this madman and that his interests are yours.

You would be doomed to this hellish situation, made bearable by layers of denial that mask its existence, if not for your power to choose and God’s gift, the remembrance that there is another choice, the Holy Spirit.  Unfortunately for this tyrant, his perpetuation rests solely on your continued abdication of choice.   If you begin to sense, even have the tiniest inkling that, “There must be a better way”, his reign becomes, however slightly, tenuous.  If you then raise one tiny finger to wrest control from him, his retaliation is terrible and immediate.

Fortunately for us and our collective work of forgiveness, we are in possession of some very powerful and useful information about our terrifying thuggish all powerful captor.  He is a child, and an imaginary child at that.  Our pint sized maniacal unreal illusionist is a fantasy dream child that we made up.  He has all the power of a two year old throwing a tantrum for not getting what he wants.  And this is an exaggeration of his power.  So this horrifying brutal dictator, when seen in the light of truth is less powerful than an outraged child having his candy taken away because it is too close to bed time.   And we quake in fear at this made up demon child and his scary stories, terrified and panicked of saying one word, “NO”.  No, I will not cede my power of choice.  I will choose to think with the Holy Spirit and see through His eyes.  I do not care about what seems to be happening.  I will not make it real.  No, you do not exist.  You, my little imaginary terror, can disappear into the nothingness from whence you came.  Your tyrannical rule is over.  You have been pantsed.  Let Heaven reign.