Prayers and Meditations


Changing our minds about the “reality” of illusions can be challenging. These prayers and meditations can be useful, in and out of the classroom. Let the Holy Spirit guide you and instruct you on where, when and how often to use them. He knows the plan. He knows exactly what you need to move up the ladder of awareness.

Morning Prayer of Remembrance

In our quest to practice forgiveness, or not making it real, it can be helpful to start the day out remembering who we are and what our job is in this dream. This prayer clearly defines who we are, what we should do and what we should think. It has us remembering that we are the dreamer and not the dream. Repeating this prayer periodically throughout the day can be very beneficial

True Prayer Meditation

This is a closed eye, guided meditation that promises to give you the opportunity to experience letting everything go, to just be the Self that you are and commune with God. If you are reading it for students, some of your favorite ethereal music can set the mood.

Mini True Prayer Meditation

This is a shorter version of the True Prayer Meditation.

Going In Meditation

The ego would have us believe that what we are looking for lies in the illusion. But we know that what we are looking for is GOD, and that GOD cannot be found in the dream. All our answers lie within.