Some things I have learned on my journey without distance so far…

So, as mind, we made up this computer game, this simulation because we needed something to be special in. Then we made up an avatar, a game figure to be special with. We came and made an ego. Now we think we are that character self, that avatar in the game. We will play the game until we remove enough blocks, wrong-minded thoughts and beliefs that have us believing the simulation is real. When we have trained our minds sufficiently and see everything in the game as neutral, eating a ham sandwich is the same as a war, and can just look to the unity beyond the story, then we will be able to transcend the game.

In the meantime, we will play the game. We have two choices as we engage in the game. We can do one of two things. We can listen to the ego and use the game to continue validating that the separation happened and that we are indeed individual autonomous special selves with wants, desires, problems and opinions. We will “experience” endless stories which seem to validate what we think we are. A vulnerable, powerless, fearful, victim self. Or we can give the game and our seeming participation in it over to the Holy Spirit to use to teach us that there is no reason here at all and that it is all a made-up insane simulation.

If we invite Him to, the Holy Spirit will support us in removing the blocks to love’s presence. The blocks to love’s presence are all the thoughts and beliefs that make us think the illusion and the separation are real. Our made-up character selves are a block to love’s presence, are made from fear, are the major tools used to make our wish for specialness seem real, and are a major component of the prison we have made.

When we look at our brothers, we can see the body and the character self they made-up and know that that is part of the prison they have made. Then we can look past that to the piece of the separated mind that is the only real part of them; the piece of the separated mind that is still playing the computer game as if it were real. That is forgiveness. But we cannot do that until we have learned ourselves that our own individuated special character selves and all their stories are part of our own prisons. We are the Son of God. Everything else is made-up.

That is no easy task. It is a similar concept to those found in other forms of spirituality, non-attachment. In main stream Christianity there is a concept of more Jesus less me. There is also the concept of the old man, our ego wrong-mind and the new man, our Holy Spirit guided right-mind. So how do we transcend the computer game and remember what we are in truth?

In our modality, study the text and do the lessons. Why? Because that is how we start to break-up the ego thought system. We are introducing, even if we don’t seem to understand them, right minded thoughts into the mind that is presently addicted to fear thoughts. All of those of you who are struggling with the Course but forge ahead anyway, remember even if your character self does not “understand” it, you are talking to your unconscious mind. You are feeding it delightful freedom messages and you are also feeding the one separated mind those same messages. Blessed are those who seem to have no personal “results” but continue with their holy assignments anyway.

Practice listening to the Holy Spirit and following. Do not worry about whether what the Holy Spirit is telling us is right or wrong or if we are hearing the “right” voice. That is an ego ploy to interject doubt into our mind training. The purpose of practicing asking the Holy Spirit what to do, say or think is to break free of our reflexive asking of the ego, not to get the right answer to do the right thing. We have trained ourselves to ask the ego everything. It is a Pavlovian response right now. We need to free ourselves of that “addiction.” Practice asking the Holy Spirit some things. When you begin to see the difference between how you feel taking the Holy Spirit’s coaching and how you feel taking the ego’s coaching, you will want to ask the Holy Spirit everything.  Whenever we ask the Holy Spirit something we are affirming that there must be a better way, that there is another Voice, another possibility, another perception available.

As Jesus says at the end of the workbook, when we are ready to retire from the world and seek reality instead the Holy Spirit will guide us on the next leg of the journey home. The Course is a beginning, not the end. It is the philosophical underpinning of the next phase. What does this mean? How do we know when we are ready? When all we want is the truth because it is the truth. When we are ready to stop playing the computer game as if it were real. When we are ready to learn to listen to one Voice only. When we are willing to value nothing in the world and use our bodies only in service of the Holy Spirit to heal and be healed. I am here ONLY to be truly helpful…

Wherever we are in the journey, we are all in this together. Study the Course. It is written in our native language which we have forgotten. Do the lessons when and how the Holy Spirit instructs. Every word of the text or workbook any of us even just glances at is part of the plan and brings us closer to the Great Awakening. Even having the book on your bookshelf and not opening it is a step in the right direction. The Holy Spirit’s plan, not ours. We have no idea what is going on. We are all Truman in “The Truman Show” until we remember we are the director.

Listen and follow our “Morpheus”, the Holy Spirit, who is in charge of our “extraction.” He knows how and why we got here and how to get us out. Practice letting the Holy Spirit speak through you if He so instructs. If you are practicing letting the Holy Spirit speak through you and it contains a correction of your brother this does not fall under the do not correct your brother instruction. It is: do not let your ego correct your brother. Not: do not let the Holy Spirit speak to your brother through you. When you are interacting with a brother do not let the ego tempt you into making it about how the person is delivering a potential Holy Spirit message. Ego trick. Don’t fall for it. Try to listen to what the person is communicating instead of how they are communicating it.

Thank you for listening. I appreciate you and your willingness to walk through the fear. We walk together, not alone.