The world was made from the idea of chaos and its purpose is to perpetuate that idea. That is the ego’s wish, and as long as we align with the ego, it is ours.

Everyday we march out onto the insane battlefield of the world and try to order the chaos by planning, by trying to stay safe, by solving imaginary problems, by trying to win or just not to lose and by defending and or attacking. We are resistant to surrendering to the knowing that the world’s very nature is the opposite of Heaven’s order and peace, chaos. We can never change that and we never will.

At the ego’s coaching we continue to think we can make the illusion into what it is not. We engage in the insane notion that maybe somehow, someway we can be happy in the illusion, that we can make the insane sane. The truth is that we can only be happy, truly happy by surrendering to God’s Will and God’s Will is that we stop playing around in the illusion, making it real, and come home.

Like an addict that refuses to surrender, we continue to engage in self-effort, trying to achieve the unachievable. Like an addict, we are determined to look for “happiness’ where it can never be found. We know that the addict can only recover, cure their sickness, if they surrender. We are in the same boat. Until we surrender, our sickness, our wrong-minded thinking, can never be cured or more accurately seen to be unreal.

Have we learned the lesson of surrender? Have we stopped trying to make the illusion work? Unless we have, we cannot get home to God.  And until we do surrender, we will keep engaging in the cycle of life and death. Like an addict, we will continue using until we surrender. We kid ourselves into believing that we are not junkies, but we are. Like all good addicts we are in denial. We tell ourselves all sorts of stories about what we are doing in the illusion that was made from guilt for the sole purpose of hiding from God. Our using is cleverly disguised in all manner of human activity. Of course it is all a big futile waste of time and suffering because God’s Will and ours will be done. Surrender is not an option but an eventual certainty.

Peace abides in every mind that quietly accepts the plan God set for its Atonement, relinquishing its own. 5 You know not of salvation, for you do not understand it. 6 Make no decisions about what it is or where it lies, but ask the Holy Spirit everything, and leave all decisions to His gentle counsel. (T14.III.12:4)