40. The ABC’s and 123’s of Interpretation

 When it comes to interpretation you have three choices.  You can:

  • Interpret with the ego.
  1. Decline to interpret or stand in “I do not know.”
  2. Interpret with the Holy Spirit.

If you interpret with A you will experience suffering because misinterpretation of facts causes all negative emotions or psychological, emotional and physical pain.  When you interpret with A you are always misinterpreting the facts therefore you are always suffering.  Not realizing this is called denial.

If you interpret with B you will experience neutrality.  I do not know what any of this is for.  I have no idea.  All I see are neutral facts.  I am not going to assign meaning to any of it.

If you interpret with C you will experience the Peace of God that passeth all understanding.  This is not the “peace” of not getting involved or the absence of seeming conflict in the story.  This is the deep peace of joy and love that comes from leaving the battlefield entirely and reclaiming your Identity.

In summary:

If you go with A you will suffer because you are making the illusion real and you will continue engaging in the illusory cycle of life and death.  You will be no closer to getting home to God.  If you go with B you will be starting to wake up.  If you go with C you will be practicing forgiveness and will be in the process of healing the unconscious guilt in your mind and on your way to mastery.

If you go further down the interpretation rabbit hole you will realize that who you interpret with does not really depend on your choice of A, B or C but on who you think you are.  Here are your choices:

1)  The self you made has many masks.  The pseudo adult mask has you believing that you are an adult making adult decisions and living an adult life.  When you challenge that idea, that mask falls and you realize that everything you are doing is just a replay of your childhood and all your decisions are being made by a child for childish reasons.  When you challenge that idea, that mask falls away and you realize the children are not some organic happening but they are really programmed computer robots, characters running around huckling, muckling, pruckling, and fuckling.  Challenge that idea and that mask drops and you find the psycho child, a crazed child driven mad by guilt who is the decision maker, the wizard behind the curtain.

The pseudo adult, the inner children and the characters all have fake goals which serve to hide the psycho child’s real intentions.  The psycho child is interested in one thing, self-perpetuation.  It does not care about anything else.  That is its goal.  When you have goals in the illusion of any kind that you are making real, you are just engaging in the psycho child’s charade.  The psycho child wants you to keep making the illusion real and will spin any tale to get you to keep believing.  The psycho  child writes scripts of carrots and sticks to keep you playing the game and MAKING IT REAL.

2) I don’t know who or what I am but something’s not right.  There has to be a better way.  There has to be something more or something else.

3) I am the Christ.  I am invulnerable and all powerful.  I am loving and love.  I have everything because I am everything.  God’s certainty is mine.  I hear with my spiritual ears.  I see with my spiritual eyes.  I am the Son of God.

So now your interpretation choices can be defined as 1A, 2B or 3C.

1A:  The self you made, the pseudo adult, the inner child, the characters, or the psycho child, who interprets or assigns meaning with the ego and suffers.

2B:  The questioning self who assigns no meaning and lives in the neutrality of the question.

3C:  The Son of God who interprets or assigns meaning with the Holy Spirit and experiences the Peace of God.

For example:

Fact: There appears to be a tree in the yard.

1A– The pseudo adult could fill a library full of uses of trees, kinds of trees, the symbolism of trees, the science of trees, the history of trees, the rainforest, etc.

The inner child could tell you all about his experience with trees; tree houses, tree facts, trees with bees, trees with leaves, tree climbing, tree falling, fruit on trees…

The characters, Huckle, Muckle, Pruckle and Fuckle could tell you how happy making, sad making, informational and instructional and mad making trees can be.

This mountain of stories about one thing in the illusion, trees, makes it and them seem sooo real.  How could you deny this massive amount of evidence of the reality of the separation and therefore the illusion.  Unfortunately for the ego all of these interpretations are based on the presumption of the tree’s reality.  This is a perfect example of how you are always interpreting the seeming reality of the illusion as proof that it is real.  I interpret with the ego that whatever, you can fill in the blank, is real and therefore it is real and so is the ego.  This results in stopping at the tree, a symbol of separation in the ego’s hands, and not looking past it to the miracle behind.  Not even questioning its reality has you in total denial of the world of miracles that exists beyond your physical sight.

If you do not interpret with these ego masks then you are left with the psycho child.  Who first retorts, “That tree is solid as a rock.  It is sooo real.  If you chopped it down and it fell on you you’d see how real it is.”

The truth is that if you interpret with the pseudo adult, the child, the characters or the psycho child you are, no matter what the packaging, saying one thing– the tree is real, the illusion is real, the self you made is real, the ego is real and the separation is real.   Therefore, and here is the ego’s favorite part, you cannot possibly be the eternal sinless Son of God.  The goal of ego perpetuation has been attained, temporarily of course, because you can always change your mind.

2B– You don’t know if there’s a tree there or if its even real.  You don’t know who or what you are.

3C– The tree may seem real but it’s nothing more than an illusion, like the self you made up, a symbol of the unconscious guilt in your mind.  The ego is using it to convince you to keep believing the separation and it are real.  But you, the Son of God, in partnership with the Holy Spirit can use it as an aid to help you reach the home where God abides.  You can learn to see the unseen, the real world of forgiveness that is the happy dream just beyond the nightmare but first you must give up your investment in the world of form and its “reality”.

As you continue your journey home to God and keep going down the interpretation rabbit hole you will finally arrive at the very bottom where you will find a treasure, a bright and shiny nugget of pure non dualistic thought.  The first law of chaos, the ego’s pride and joy, is that everyone has their own truth.  You can choose which truth you prefer.  The real truth is that there is no such thing as choice.  You made it up.  You are what you are; the supernatural sinless Son of God Himself in whom He is well pleased.  But until the glorious day when you remember that, reclaiming your illusory power of choice is your way home.  How do I reclaim my power of choice?  More on that in the next book.  So, for now, choose 3 and see!  (with your spiritual eyes of Course)  Keep studying and awakening one next right thought at a time.