41. The Addictive Nature of Ego Thinking

 The addictive nature of ego thinking, of making it real, cannot be stressed too often.  We are trying to kick a heroin habit.  Thinking with the ego is our heroin.  It is not going to be an easy task to “kick the habit”.  What makes it even more difficult than heroin addiction is that we have no physical clues as to when we are using.  At least with heroin use you can see yourself ingesting a substance.  In our addiction to ego thinking we might slip a little and listen to the ego, take some small direction from the ego, some seemingly benign thought or action, and before we know it we are in full-blown character and reactionland.  Sometimes we might even go on an ego thinking bender and come to our senses weeks later asking ourselves what the hell just happened.

Here are some tell tale signs that you are ego thinking:

  1. No or little communication with team Holy Spirit
  2. Reactions or lack of reactions
  3. In your own little world. Self-consumed
  4. No asking the Holy Spirit what to do, say or think
  5. Your actions are contrary to Course principles
  6. Not actively focusing out and supporting others to get home to God