In the last segment we discussed how babies were made not created. Why is this so hard to believe and act in accordance with? The answer can be found in the following quote…

You must be careful, however, that you really understand it. Who is the “you” who are living in this world?” (T-4.II.11:7-9)

There are many yous referenced in the Course. These different yous exist on different levels of consciousness.

Consciousness, the level of perception, was the first split introduced into the mind after the separation, (this is only the first split or level) making the mind a perceiver rather than a creator.” (T-3.IV.2:1)

When another split occurs the prior level is dissociated.

Perception did not exist until the separation introduced degrees, aspects and intervals. Spirit has no levels, and all conflict arises from the concept of levels. Only the Levels of the Trinity are capable of unity. The levels created by the separation cannot but conflict. This is because they are meaningless to each other.” (T-3.IV.1:1-9)

The separated mind cannot maintain the separation except by dissociating.” (T-4.VI.4:2-3)

All who believe in separation have a basic fear of retaliation (martyr) and abandonment (atheist). They believe in attack (martyr) and rejection (atheist), so that is what they perceive and teach and learn. These insane ideas are clearly the result of dissociation and projection.” (T-6.V-B.1:1-3)

So right now, after the first split, we have two levels. We have the God level where we are the Son of God in Heaven, an extension of our Father God. This is the level of Mind and Spirit. Then we have the second level. This is the dream level. Nothing in this level is real. At this first split we have begun our journey down the ladder of awareness into the pit of the hell of separation from God.

As we journey downward, as we are fall down the ladder, the level of consciousness splits seemingly endlessly. With each split, each fracturing, we make a new level with new needs populated by new selves. As we descend, our remembrance of God and Self becomes ever dimmer until we arrive at the puppet level, at the bottom of the ladder. At the puppet level our remembrance of ourselves as the Son of God, Mind and Spirit, has all but been erased by dissociation save the spark.

What are the yous in the Course that exist on the different levels? At the bottom of the ladder of yous there is the “you” that most believe they are that is totally asleep, save the spark, in the illusion. This is the puppet you, the avatar. This you thinks it is a body with a special individual personality self that gets sick, suffers and dies.

This you acts in the world as if it were real. It thinks it is real and that you are it. Its goals are not God’s, they are its own. Like a child’s toy, a puppet, it only acts out what the child (the mind) instructs. This puppet you has no creative ability. It does not cause anything. It is mindless. It does not think. It does not make decisions. It just seems to do, say and think what the ego instructs.

Jesus is trying to teach us how the ego thought system arose so we can learn of its unreality. Then we will stop accepting our miscreations and misperceptions as real. Then they will eventually disappear leaving behind only truth.

Spirit need not be taught, but the ego must be. Learning is ultimately perceived as frightening because it leads to the relinquishment, not the destruction, of the ego to the light of spirit. This is the change the ego must fear, because it does not share my charity. My lesson was like yours, and because I learned it I can teach it. I will never attack your ego, but I am trying to teach you how its thought system arose. When I remind you of your true creation, your ego cannot but respond with fear.” (T-4.I.3:1-6)

In this series we are exploring how the concept of the self, which is an essential element of the ego thought system, arose. Most of us think we are the puppet self. But what came before the puppet self? That would be the self that is made up of the atheist and the martyr. This self was made by the ego and its purpose is to make illusions seem real. It is the self we as mind made to replace the Self. This self has not yet birthed the puppet self.

If we are willing to examine this self and we realize how it was made it will be very difficult to hang onto the delusion that we are the puppet self. We must give up this delusion of the puppet self if we are to get home to God. Studying the puppet’s origin, the self and its parts, is integral.

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