17. The Next Right Thought

 We climbed down the ladder of separation one wrong thought at a time.  And we will climb back up the ladder of separation one right thought at a time.  We do not have to know the complete plan.  We just need to accept our next right thought.

The Holy Spirit has a perfect plan to reprogram our seemingly separate mind to the point where we are enlightened and God can take the final step of reaching down and returning us to Heaven.  The Holy Spirit will set up the perfect next lesson for us as we climb the ladder home.  He will support us in obtaining, digesting and making the next right thought our own.

We find ourselves in this psycho thought prison, seemingly separated from God and our Self, because we have meticulously and fastidiously taught ourselves, programmed ourselves, to think with the ego’s sick thought system of separation.  We have succeeded to the point where we have actually forgotten we were the programmer.  We are the ones who wrote all of the code.  Now, we are like drug addicted children who believe their hallucinations are real.  Most of us just want candy to make us feel better, or more drugs. But some of us, having had a spiritual experience that told us that we weren’t this, have started on the simple but difficult journey home to sanity and sobriety.  We have seen the light and have remembered, if just for an instant, that there is a better way.

So as we climb the ladder towards enlightenment with the Holy Spirit, we will try not to be overwhelmed and judgey about where we are in the process.  We will try to be in the now, staying out of the past and the future.  We will just concentrate on this moment and what we need to learn to accept the next right thought, one next right thought at a time.