The Two Plans

There are two selves.  There are two plans.

One plan has you believing that you are the avatar,  the “very real” self that you have made living in the “very real” world that you have made.

The other plan has you remembering that you are the sinless Son of God who is in Heaven dreaming that he is not.

Your assignment in the first plan is to make this illusory world and everything and everyone in it seem real by interacting with them and reacting to them as if they were.  This keeps the whole game going.

Your assignment in the second plan is to use the illusory world and everything and everyone in it to learn that none of it is real.  If you were to learn that bodies, the personalities and the world they seem to inhabit are not real, you end the game.

You have been very well trained to execute the first plan.  You are a Master.  There is no or little doubt in your mind that this world is very real.

Learning to execute the second plan… now that is a different story.  The good news is that you learned how to execute the first plan therefore you absolutely can learn how to execute the second.  The question is do you want to?