The Two Selves

In your mind there are two selves.

There is the self that you have made, the you you think you are, called the little self, the image you have made or the egoic self, the old man. It is not who you are in truth. It is a self you made to play this illusory game we call life. You have made thousands of avatars and until you wake up and realize that you are not some character in an elaborate game, “a computer simulation,” you will make a thousand more.

You constructed this avatar – this special, autonomous, separate self. You gave it a body, a name, a history, preferences, grievances, emotions, pain and pleasure, sickness and “health”, belief in guilt and sin and every other thing imaginable to make the avatar seem real. You did this so you would actually, as you were playing the game of separation, have the “experience” of being separate.

The trouble is that with all your machinations you have forgotten that you are not this avatar, this action figure in a game. You now think you are the avatar and that the game is reality. You use your experiences in the game to “prove” that it is real. You are now imprisoned in a game doomed to participate in its endless hopeless patterns not remembering that you actually made up the game, all the seemingly endless stories in it and all the characters that seem to populate it.

That brings us to the other self – the real you, the enlightened you, the Son of God you – the self you did not make. The self that is not guilty and has not “sinned.” The self that is invulnerable and all powerful, loving and love. The self that has everything because it is everything. The self that has the certainty of God. The self that made the game.

These two selves are both available to you – your choice – but there is a condition. You can only choose one because they are mutually exclusive. These selves inhabit  totally different worlds. The self you made, the avatar, seems to exist in the simulation you made of separation, fear and death. The self you are in truth lives in the real world of wholeness, love and life. They are happening simultaneously and you will experience the one you believe is true, is real.

If you have ever thought that there must be something more, that there must be a better way know that there is. Perhaps you might consider embarking on a journey of remembering who you are in truth and freeing yourself from the game, the prison you have made? Unfortunately you cannot just wish yourself into remembering who you are in truth. All the game you made and its programming must be undone. And this is the journey which you can begin right now.

Say to yourself as often as possible – I made this up. It is not real. I do not have to participate in it. I accept the truth of what I am.