Love is present. The forgiven world is there. The forgiven body is there. The forgiven personality self is there. We do not see them. In defense to this threat, the mind that wants to be special made a whole thought system to witness to our belief that the real world is not real and not there. All these thoughts and beliefs are blocks to loves presence. For example, the problem is not that the body is sick. The problem is that we are blocking the sight of the forgiven body. How do we do that? It is an identity problem. We think that we are something other than the Son of God. We make up thoughts and beliefs. Then we think we are that thing having those thoughts and beliefs. And then we project those thoughts and beliefs outward and make images which we then use as evidence that the thoughts are real and that we are the thing having those thoughts.

We choose to believe with the ego. I am a body. The body can get sick. I have no control over it. That is the sleeping fragmented individualized wrong-mind that thinks it is a body that seems to live in the world. Then there is the wrong mind that knows its not a body but believes that it has attacked God. This mind knows that it made the body and it is going to use the body to prove that the separation happened. This mind tells the body what to feel, do, say and think. It is the puppet master using the puppet, the body for the ego’s purpose, to make the separation real. This ego thinks that having the puppets seem to age, get sick and die is a good idea because that process protects it from a vengeful God. There is an elaborate ego “logic” to all of these thoughts and beliefs at all their levels. They have one purpose. To make the separation real so we don’t remember what we are in truth. The ego’s continued existence depends on it.

So how do we remember that we are the Son of God given this elaborate defense system of thoughts and beliefs that we as mind made and have chosen to believe? Salvation is the Holy Spirit’s goal. What is salvation? The undoing of all of this. In other words, we made the mess and we need to clean it up. The Holy Spirit gives us the means, spiritual vision. What is spiritual vision? Spiritual vision is sense, understanding and reason. The Holy Spirit is going to teach us to apply reason to everything we have made and we will see that there is no reason there at all. He will retrace with us every step we took in our forgetting. We might think of ourselves as having been brainwashed and the Holy Spirit is going to support us in deprogramming. The Holy Spirit cannot do it for us. We must find all the hidden thoughts and beliefs that are warring in secret and bring them to the Holy Spirit to be looked upon with reason. Our clues to where these hidden beliefs are can be found in our personality self’s reactions and grievances.

Forgiveness is a state of mind. At the highest level of forgiveness we remember it never happened. In the meantime, one of our first lessons in forgiveness is not to reflexively go out as the ego teaches. We train ourselves to go in. This is what the present level of forgiveness is teaching us. Ultimately, with the Holy Spirit, we must follow the thread inward back through our childhoods all the way back to the original separation story where the whole thing will be undone and we will remember it never happened. That is the script that was written. That truism in no way changes the fact that we must engage in the process of return now or later. The script is written. Heads up. If you apply truisms at the wrong level they can be used by the ego to keep you at that level.

The process of deprogramming can begin when you decide to retire from the world and seek reality instead. The Course, its study  and doing the lessons are only the foundation for the deprogramming process.  In the meantime you can upgrade your forgiveness process by starting it out with – I am the Son of God. You are the Son of God. We are the Son of God. I am not the self thinking these thoughts.