Them’s the Facts

We will strive for something.  We will either strive to awaken or to stay asleep and seemingly separate.  We will either strive for sobriety or to keep drinking.  We will either strive to be an adult or strive to remain a child. These are our choices.  One or the other. You cannot be partly awake, partly sober or partly adult.  There are two thought systems to choose from and their results are not interchangeable.  So no matter what appears to be happening in the world of form you will either use it to move toward awakening or sleeping, sobriety or drunkenness, adultism or childism.  You are either using the illusion or using.  You are either observing the game or you are a child playing the game.  God wants us home.  And we, whether we realize it or not, want to go home.  God wants it, so it will happen.  Our only choice is how long it will take us– awaken, sober up, be an adult now or later.  It doesn’t matter.  But rest assured it will happen.  And we will keep coming back to psycho planet until it does.  Them’s the facts.

When you are ready you will leave the world and seek reality instead.  To leave the world does not mean death or monasticism.  To leave the world means to learn not to value it,  to learn it is an illusion, to use it to get home to God.  To value the illusory world is to make it real.  It is not real and your valuing of it is literally costing you the sight of Heaven.  To see this world you must give up Heaven.  You cannot be in the delusion of the illusion and know your Self or God.  Them’s the facts.

You are not going to wake up from the nightmare by yourself.  You need the help of the Holy Spirit.  You have two voices to choose from, the ego and the Holy Spirit.  Because we have taught ourselves long and well how to listen to the ego, the deprogramming process will be challenging.  The Holy Spirit can support us but we must be willing to listen and learn.  He will direct us if we will let Him.  He knows the way home.  We are used to the independence and self sufficiency that the ego seems to offer.  In order to be guided by the Holy Spirit we must learn to trust Him.  Them’s the facts.