Death, like sickness, is just another game the ego plays. There is no death. We are mind. We are spirit. We cannot stop thinking. It is impossible. We are thinking now and we will always be thinking without ceasing. There will never be a cessation of thinking. Never.

The ego always and only makes up stories that are a reflection of its interpretation of the separation story. The separation happened. We attacked God and He is either coming to get us or has abandoned us completely. This is the fantasy the ego propagates. We do not fear death. We fear what it represents in the past. The seeming separation from God.

We did not separate from God. That never happened. It could not happen. But the ego story of death seems to witness to the “fact” that it did. When we seem to leave our bodies, in the dream, we seem to lose communication with the “living.” The “living” experience this as a separation. Just as we experienced the seeming separation as a loss of communication with God. The mind, formerly known as Jesus, demonstrated with the resurrection story that we, as mind, cannot die and cannot lose communication.

Death is not real. Death is a fantasy we made-up to make the illusion seem real. If the illusion is real, then the separation is real. Just like anything else in the illusion, the ego wants us to have a reaction to it. In order to have a reaction to it, we have to make it real first. All things are lessons God would have me learn. The only lesson ever is…This illusion is not real. The separation never happened. We will use everything in the illusion to learn that lesson or we will use it to learn what the ego wants us to learn…This illusion is real. The separation happened.

The ego uses the body and the personality self, which we made to be separate in and special or self-reliant with, for the purpose of proving that the separation is real. We experience ourselves as the body and the personality self because we have put our faith in the belief that the separation and our guilt about it are real. In twisted logic, we use our “experience” of the body and the personality self to prove their reality. We had faith in something. We experienced it. We believed in it.

And everyone believes in what he made, for it was made by his believing it. (M-11.3:3)

The ego cannot make the mind and spirit, that you are, “die” or disappear. But it can make what it has made “die” or disappear. It made the body and the personality self. They are not real. In the ego’s house of mirrors, what seemed to have existence now disappears and the ego labels it as death. We, as personality selves, have a reaction to this. But we must remember that personality selves cannot be in relationship because they cannot share. The unreal cannot be in relationship with the unreal.

We came and made an ego and made one for everyone else. We are always only interacting with the past. Bodies and personality selves do not exist in the now. We cannot have relationships with other personality selves. Just like death, it is impossible. It cannot happen. Our belief it can is just our refusal to believe that our own personality selves are not real. Our belief that we experience separate individuals is just a validation that we are separate individual selves. We see what we want to see.

There cannot be a relationship between one personality self and another. We do have relationships with all minds that seem to be in separate bodies. What is that relationship? YOU ARE MYSELF. We are invulnerable and all powerful, one mind united with our Source. Bodies, personality selves, relationships and death are fairy tales the ego uses to prove the separation happened. All suffering is caused by the belief in their reality. Let the Holy Spirit teach us of their non-reality. Let Him teach us that the separation never happened. Let Him guide us home.