There are many levels of understanding as we climb the ladder of awareness with many nuances and contexts. No matter what level we are on, how to think about something or what to do should be left up to the Holy Spirit. He is the Healer, the Deprogrammer. He knows what our next right thought or action should be as we heal our mind. Everyone’s deprogramming code and assignments will be different.

In some cases, it may be helpful for the pupil to read the manual first. Others might do better to begin with the workbook. Still others may need to start at the more abstract level of the text.

Which is for which? Who would profit more from prayers alone? Who needs but a smile, being as yet unready for more? No one should attempt to answer these questions alone. Surely no teacher of God has come this far without realizing that. The curriculum is highly individualized, and all aspects are under the Holy Spirit’s particular care and guidance. Ask and He will answer. The responsibility is His, and He alone is fit to assume it. To do so is His function. To refer the questions to Him is yours. (M-29.1:5–2:11)

Ask the Holy Spirit everything. He knows how to get us home. The Holy Spirit might have us thinking about something in a way that makes no sense to other Course students. Or even doing things that make no sense to anyone. But it may not be about the bigger picture, the God concepts at that particular point in our process. It might be about that one particular line of code that needs to be undone at that moment. The Holy Spirit knows. Trust Him. Walk by faith in the Holy Spirit not by sight.

The One Who knows the plan of God that God would have you follow can teach you what it is. Only His wisdom is capable of guiding you to follow it. (T-14.III.13:1-3)

Say to the Holy Spirit only, “Decide for me,” and it is done. For His decisions are reflections of what God knows about you, and in this light, error of any kind becomes impossible. Why would you struggle so frantically to anticipate all you cannot know, when all knowledge lies behind every decision the Holy Spirit makes for you? Learn of His wisdom and His Love, and teach His answer to everyone who struggles in the dark. For you decide for them and for yourself. (T-14.III.16:1-5)