What is the “I Don’t Give a Shit” Concept?

There’s only one of two things you can do – make something real or forgive it.(DU284)

Everyone will eventually come to renounce the world. Renounce it not because it is evil, but because it doesn’t exist and our acceptance of it as real is what is keeping us from Heaven.

Remember,  our original mistake was the acceptance of the separation as real.

Forgiveness is a tool for spiritual healing acceleration. Forgiveness is a process of awakening where we practice making the symbols of our acceptance of the separation “not real”; getting that it never happened. This process we are engaged in is an acceleration of that acceleration. Why? Because we asked for it.

But to participate in this acceleration we must be brutally honest about what our characters, the selves we made up,  are up to. We must stand in “I do not care” what stories the ego comes up with in the illusion. I will not value or resist them. I will not try to change them. I accept them as what they are – a symbol of the unconscious guilt in my mind. Trying to change them just makes them real.

Besides, they are an effect, not the cause. They were caused by choices to believe certain things at the unconscious level of the mind. They were caused by thought. I will reclaim my power to choose by remembering I am mind. I will not give a shit about the story. I will not give a shit if it is “good” or “bad”. It does not matter what I do or don’t do in the illusion. It is all a story, a dream. What does matter is how I use it. I will not use it to make the illusion real, to judge. I will use it to learn not to make it real, to forgive.

I will interact with the story by:

1. Using it as an aid to help me reach the home where God abides.
2. Doing what the Holy Spirit says.