What is the process of return, the process of getting home to God?

Close your eyes for a moment.  Notice that you are thinking. Notice your thoughts. No matter what seems to happen in the world, to your body, to your character-self you will never stop thinking. Never. Thought is life. You are a thought of God and because he created you like Himself you can also think. What do you think with? In Heaven you think with the Mind of God. Here in the illusion, per our made up game of separation, we can choose to think with the ego, the wrong-mind or the the Holy Spirit, the right-mind.

In the dream we fell down the ladder of awareness. We traded our awareness of Heaven for the awareness of dreams. We went from thinking with the Mind of God to thinking with the wrong or ego mind. We fell down the ladder and “woke-up” in this seeming world having forgotten where we came from and what we were in truth.

Look out on the world you see. This is where we landed when we fell down the rabbit hole of separation. Like Neo in “The Matrix”, before his extraction, we have no idea that this is a simulation, a computer game where we think we are the character in the game. This computer game, this simulation was constructed by us, as mind, to be a witness to and proof of the separation. We did such a great job that it seems so very real. The relationships, the striving for survival, the quest for prosperity, sickness and death, emotions, physical sensations all programmed “experiences” to deceive us into not trying to remember what we are.

When you are ready to retire from the world and seek reality instead, like Morpheus, the Holy Spirit will come and begin the extraction process, the transcendence process. He will lead you back up the ladder of awareness showing you why and how you made up this world and teach you why it is not real. He will retrace with you every step you took down the ladder. He will examine with you every thought and belief that you embraced on your descent into hell.  He will bring reason to your insanity.

On each rung of the ladder there will be people, situations and circumstances that the Holy Spirit can use to expose your hidden beliefs and correct your thinking. The ego wants to use everything to make the illusion real. There is always that temptation; to make it real. The ego’s existence depends on it and it will do whatever it takes to keep you playing the separation game.

As you travel up the ladder, home to God, the Holy Spirit will be your guide. He will wait patiently if you temporarily fall prey to fear and the ego. Sometimes you might be on a rung for lifetimes learning a particular lesson. We have taught ourselves to think with the ego thought system. It was a methodical, intensive, focused teaching. We must correct every wrong-minded thought, every block to love’s presence. That is our job.

If we let Him, the Holy Spirit will tell us what to do, what to say and what to think to get us home to

God. If you want to know what that might look like, think of Jesus. He is our model. But you can also think of Helen. Her story is a great example of the struggle and resistance that we experience as we attempt to loosen the grip of the ego thought system. But it is also an example of the fruits that are available if we listen and follow.

There are two distinct activities you will engage in as you study with the Holy Spirit. One is the correction of your own thinking errors. The other is letting the Holy Spirit speak through you to offer miracles or perceptual corrections to others if you do not interfere. The Course tells us we should not correct our brothers. It does not say we should not offer the Holy Spirit’s corrections communicated through us. That is actually our assignment, part of our job. So if you notice something and feel prompted, ask the Holy Spirit if you should and then say something. The more you learn not to make the illusion real, to make it insignificant, to not value it the more you will be able to hear the Holy Spirit and be His humble servant delivering His message. And that is what the Course means when it says you should use the body only for communication. You should use the body only to let the Holy Spirit communicate through it. And if you learn to do that the body will be healed. But that is another story.