A world forgiven cannot last. It was the home of bodies. But forgiveness looks past bodies. This is its holiness; this is how it heals. The world of bodies is the world of sin, for only if there were a body is sin possible. From sin comes guilt as surely as forgiveness takes all guilt away. And once all guilt is gone what more remains to keep a separated world in place? For place has gone as well, along with time. Only the body makes the world seem real, for being separate it could not remain where separation is impossible. Forgiveness proves it is impossible because it sees it not. And what (the body) you then will overlook will not be understandable to you, just as its (the body’s) presence once had been your certainty. (C-4.5:1-11)

We cannot overlook the body to the point where it is not understandable to us until forgiveness has been made perfect in us. As definitively as the body witnessed to its “undeniable reality” we will eventually not see it at all.

Presently we are in the process of learning forgiveness. We are learning to withdraw faith in our physical sight and stop denying spiritual sight. We are not masters of forgiveness yet. Forgiveness has levels. We are actually practicing forgiveness at the lower end of the forgiveness scale. Perfected forgiveness is not available to us until we reach, become aware of, the real world consistently.

In the real world…

Not yet is Heaven quite remembered, for the purpose of forgiveness still remains. Yet everyone is certain he will go beyond forgiveness, and he but remains until IT IS MADE PERFECT IN HIMSELF. He has no wish for anything but this. And fear has dropped away, because he is united in his purpose with himself. There is a hope of happiness in him so sure and constant he can barely stay and wait a little longer, with his feet still touching earth. Yet is he glad to wait till every hand is joined, and every heart made ready to arise and go with him. For thus is he made ready for the step in which is all forgiveness left behind. (T-30.V.3:1-7)

How do we reach the real world and have forgiveness be made perfect in us? Do you believe there is a world your physical eyes cannot see? Let’s just say the bar is very high indeed.

You attack the real world every day and every hour and every minute, and yet you are surprised that you cannot see it. (T-12.VIII.1:3)

The real world can actually be perceived. All that is necessary is a willingness to perceive nothing else. (T-11.VII.2:6-7)

Perceiving only the real world will lead you to the real Heaven, because it will make you capable of understanding it. (T-11.VII.3:9)

To believe that you can perceive the real world is to believe that you can know yourself. You can know God because it is His Will to be known. The real world is all that the Holy Spirit has saved for you out of what you have made, and to perceive only this is salvation, because it is the recognition that reality is only what is true. (T-11.VII.4:7-9)

The awakening of His Son BEGINS with his investment in the real world, and by this he will learn to re-invest in himself. For reality is one with the Father and the Son, and the Holy Spirit blesses the real world in Their Name. (T-12.VI.4:9-10)