33. Who You Really Are

 You are the supernatural sinless Son of God Himself. You are invulnerable and all powerful, you are loving and love, you have everything because you are everything. God’s certainty is yours. You see with your spiritual eyes, you hear with your spiritual ears. You are the Son of God. You are in Heaven, you have never left, you will never leave. This life you think you are living, is a dream you made up so that you could experience being special. It is not real. It is a child’s game that has gotten out of hand and taken you to a place where you do not even remember who and what you are.

This make believe world will never make you happy. It cannot because it’s seeming reality is based on a lie. You are not separate from God or your brothers because you can never leave your source. This is great news! None of this is real. You are not guilty. You are not alone. You are not broken. You do not need to be fixed. You have done nothing wrong except to believe a dream. You have simply taught yourself to think in a strange way that has you thinking that you are not yourself, the Son of God. You have erected a wall of wrong-minded thinking and unbelief that has you obliterating the remembrance of God’s Love for you and yours for Him.

YOU ARE SPIRIT, created in the image of God who is Spirit. You are a heavenly spirit, asleep in a dream of limitations, a prisoner of your own thoughts. The journey to awakening requires a willingness to relinquish every thought you have and exchange it for a Thought of God. Are you willing to radically change your thinking? Are you willing to learn to think again with God? Are you willing to reclaim your Identity as the Son of God?  Are you willing to experience peace and joy no matter what appears to be happening?  If you are – Welcome to A Course in Miracles. Welcome home.