Why Can It Be Useful To Keep My Word Or Not To Lie?

  1. If you tell someone you are going to do something and you aren’t on time or don’t do it at all, it is because your ego got in the way. Contact the person and renegotiate as soon as possible. Acknowledge that your ego got in there and recommit or change your agreement. It is a great mind training practice to acknowledge ego thinking and correct it. You are saying I am not the one who was late or didn’t do it and my adult self will do it now. It had nothing to do with you. You are not guilty. I am not guilty. We are not guilty.

  1. Renegotiation is an excellent anti-guilt tool. If you do not renegotiate your ego will use the incident to make you feel guilty and you will then have to strike out and project your guilt onto someone else or crucify yourself. Take the club out of your ego’s hand, that it will use either to club you or someone else, by renegotiating.

  1. When you lie who is lying? It is some child in the past lying about something in the past. It is a declaration of identity. A bottom line might be no lying about anything. Only the guilty lie. You are not guilty so don’t behave like it. The ego loves nothing more than when you lie. First, you are believing you are guilty, then you are believing that you are other than the Son of God, then you are believing this is all real because why would you have to lie about nothing? To top it all off, the ego gets to be your confidant and trusted adviser because he knows all your secrets and lies. So when you lie the big winner is the ego.

  1. Being late, not keeping your word or lying are highly reactive activities no matter which side of the equation you find yourself on. Every child has had a parent be late, not keep their promise or out and out lie to them. Every child has also done those things. Since everyone is just a child reacting to their past, these are potentially emotional situations. Try and remember that and attempt to step away from the projection of shame, blame and condemnation. Remember, everyone is in their character and no one is guilty. It is all just another opportunity to not make it real, to forgive.