Why Is This Process So Confrontational? Why Isn’t It Warm and Fuzzy?

This is not a get-in-touch-with-your-inner-self program, this is not a radiate love program, this is not even a process group program and this definitely is not an improve your illusory life program. This is a my life and its results suck, I’m done on this, there must be a better way, I’m tired of the endless suffering, I want to know who I really am, I want the peace of God, I have either had an experience of myself in bliss and connectedness or I want to have the experience of myself in bliss and connectedness and I am willing to do whatever it takes to have that experience 24/7 and nothing else will do program.

I get that my ego thinking is keeping me from my bliss. I get that I am addicted to the ego thinking that is keeping me from my bliss. I get that detoxing off of that ego thinking is not going to be pretty. It will be a rough road where I will need to confront my ego thinking constantly. I will surround myself with people who will not buy my ego bullshit and will challenge me to give up my childish, selfish, egotistical thinking and learn to think with the Holy Spirit. It is not compassionate to buy an addict’s bullshit. The only reason you want to buy an addict’s bullshit is because you want to buy your own. The ego is an addict. The ego is a psycho-child and is not going to go quietly into the night. It will use every excuse in the book because its “life” literally depends on it.

If you’ve ever known an addict, you’ve experienced the wall of denial that can surround their thinking. An aggressive intervention is often needed to break down that wall. Much of this initial process is about just that. An intervention is not a warm and fuzzy encounter. Hey, addict I love you. Do you love me? The ego addict is a manipulative, cunning, resourceful, committed, remorseless, self-consumed, self-loathing, tyrant who has the right-mind captive and will kill to maintain control. I wuv you fuzzy wuzzy addict. Let’s get in a love-circle and send each other our bliss. You are right addict. You need love and compassion. I’ll take care of you. Try it and see how well that works.

The thing about an intervention is that as long as the person stays and listens, he wants his addict thinking to be challenged. He wants to be saved from himself but he doesn’t know how. The interveners are being in service to him. They are really miracle workers. They need to overlook or forgive the addict’s rantings and focus on the goal. They are offering him next right thoughts. They are offering their more right-minded thoughts for his wrong-minded ones. They are temporarily carrying him until he can take that first wobbly step into recovery. And that support looks like “tough” love.

Just as alcoholism or drug addiction can kill you, the addiction to ego thinking will “kill” you. It will bring about your physical death and will reward you with another life and death cycle where you will return to psycho-planet and attempt once more to make yourself believe that this is something other than hell. This is just like an alcoholic or drug addict who convinces himself that his habit is “fun”. Can you say denial?

So if you want me to agree with you and the ego that this is too hard, that it’s too tiring, that it’s too much, that you are a weak wimpy child who can’t get sober off of ego thinking…forget it. I won’t believe that about myself and I won’t believe it about you. The Holy Spirit would not have given us this assignment if we couldn’t do it. You are the Supernatural Sinless Son of God himself. God said we can do this and we can. We have the Holy Spirit, we have Jesus, we have each other and we have God. However loudly the addict, the ego shrieks, and trust me in rehab, be it alcohol or drug or ego thinking, there is a lot of addict ego shrieking, I will not doubt the Holy Spirit, Jesus, my brothers or God.

Think about it. Is the addict shrieking because the process is too much? No, the addict is shrieking because he wants to get back to drinking or drugging or ego thinking. He thinks he will die without it. Well, you are not going to die without ego thinking, but happily the ego will. So who is shrieking? The Son of God, YOU, or the ego? Your spirit self is rejoicing. Your addict self is pulling out all the stops to derail the freedom train.

Why do you think that there are not millions of masters running around? Who wants to peel back the layers of denial, the pseudo-adult, the inner child, the characters and expose and face down the addict, the psycho-child? Who wants to admit that the self they have made is not real? Who wants to give up all ego goals and opinions? Who wants to be in service to the Holy Spirit? Who wants to spend their “life” getting home to God and supporting their brothers to do the same? Who wants to go through the challenging process of withdrawal from ego thinking to be sober and sane and in the remembrance of who they are in truth? Who wants the Peace of God? Who wants to experience bliss?

This will be the greatest challenge of our “lives” but it is doable ONE DAY AT A TIME. All that is asked of us is that we keep showing up and keep working our program and don’t give up. Keep turning it over to the Holy Spirit, keep putting one foot in front of the other. Jesus is our model. He had to confront his own ego thinking and when he did the shit hit the fan. It wasn’t some fuzzy wuzzy experience. Even Buddha, who one could say om-ed himself to enlightenment, went through a seemingly grueling ordeal.

Seriously people, we are talking about confronting and detoxing off the thoughts that initiated the Big Bang – guilt, sin, and separation, that have become seemingly encoded in our DNA. This is not going to be some walk in the park. If you don’t feel like quitting at some point, it’s not working. Your ego wouldn’t be throwing a fit if it weren’t being threatened. Although this is going to be a lot of hard work and incredibly challenging, I’ll tell you what it won’t be. It won’t be the crucifixion (although it may feel that way at times). Jesus did his part. Let’s do ours