28. You Are a Tool

 You are a tool.  You will either be a tool for the Holy Spirit or you will be a tool of the ego.  It is only a delusion, a fantasy that you are an individual with your own wants, needs, goals, and preferences. There is no you that has wants, needs, goals, and preferences. This is a made up fiction, whose only goal is to keep you distracted from the reality of who you are. As long as you keep playing in fantasyland you will not see what is really happening, NOTHING.  There is nothing happening except that you are experiencing a seeming separation from God and all that goes with it in the dream.  You are having a nightmare and thinking it is real.  What is really happening in the dream?  NOTHING.  But as long as you keep interacting with the dream and everything in it as if it were real, you will continue to be a tool of the ego and continue from one “lifetime” to the next being that tool.

If you are done being a tool, a tool of the ego, and ready to, as Gary puts it, “renounce the world and the ways of the world.  Make them meaningless to you,” then welcome to the brotherhood of tools of the Holy Spirit where we spend our days and nights doing the only thing tools of the Holy Spirit do, learning the Holy Spirit’s thought system, practicing forgiveness and supporting our brothers in doing the same.  We will get that the nightmare is not real so we can stand above the battlefield as a beacon of light illuminating the way home.  We may be tools, but we are not tools of separation.  We are happily and joyously tools of forgiveness, tools of communication, tools of the Holy Spirit, tools for God.